3 Keys To Salon Success

3 Keys To Salon Success

Success in the professional nail care industry depends on education, hard work, and perseverance.  Your conduct should exemplify the attitudes and behavior of the professional in any health-related field.  Professional nail care offers many opportunities to those that have mastered their craft and developed a professional appearance, personality and work ethic.

Professional ethics are those principals of conduct and business that the nail professional lives by in her dealings with patrons, co-workers, and employees. Nail care is a service industry, and the essential considerations here are commitment, cleanliness, courtesy, and respect for others.

  • Services offered in the salon should be clearly displayed, well planned and be inviting.
  • Services must meet the needs of the client.
  • Enough time must be allotted for each service to prevent hurried activity and stress for the professional and the client.
  • All services should be performed and supported by skilled professionals in appropriate space using the proper equipment.


  • The salon should have a healthy, nurturing ambiance.
  • Comfort and convenience of the client are primary considerations.
  • The nail care professional must be clean and neat at her work station and in her grooming.
  • Sanitation and cleaning techniques are important and must be taken seriously.


  • The nail care professional is highly skilled and trained in services and products.
  • All questions about treatments and products must be answered honestly.
  • The nail care professional has a firm and confident touch.
  • Consistency is essential to the maintenance of service quality.


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