6 Greatest Hacks For Jessica System

6 Greatest Hacks For Jessica System

The JESSICA System is like no other. Your client will be impressed by the professionalism of the System and your mastery of it. Be sure to take your time with your Hand and Nail Analysis and to explain the process carefully to your client. Follow the recommendations on the following pages–they really work!
  • Why do we file the nail after it has been soaked?

The nail is porous and by soaking it before filing, we allow the nail to expand and prevent unnecessary trauma to the nail, preventing splitting or stress fractures. Since so many other nail technicians file prior to soaking, you should tell this to your client so she knows you are using more advanced techniques.

  • Why do we use the Nail Care Machine?

The Nail Care Machine safely pushes back the cuticles without damaging the matrix of the nail. The vibration also increases the blood flow and circulation to the matrix – which actually ”feeds” the nail – promoting faster growth. We never cut the cuticles or use metal implements on the nail as they cause damage or faster, heavier growth.

  • Why do we use Thermal Mittens?

Electrically heated Thermal Mittens are the deluxe part of the Manicure, and their use is strongly recommended at this stage. The warmth encourages essential vitamins and minerals to be absorbed more easily. Thermal Mittens increase penetration and are excellent for bad circulation, rheumatic and arthritic conditions. Your clients will feel an immediate difference.

  • Why do we polish behind the free edge as well as on top of the nail?

In the JESSICA System, we encase the entire nail by polishing behind the free edge of the nail and on top of the nail. The polish acts as a barrier, which prevents breakage, peeling and chipping. Our goal is for a client to come back to her next appointment with her nails looking as good as they did when she left the salon. By applying polish generously and sealing the edges, we have protected the nail from everyday wear and tear. This is a technique begun by Jessica Vartoughian and an integral part of the JESSICA System.

  1. Explain to each of your clients that leaving nails to have a ”breather” is on old wives’ tale and that all nails benefit from the protection given by Jessica Treatments and Colour. It is much better to keep the nails covered and cushioned from everyday abuse at all times.
  2. Allow plenty of time for applying Treatment Basecoat, Colour, Top Priority, Brilliance and Quick Dry. This part of the Manicure will be the most important to the client. She will be looking at it for the next two weeks!
  • Home Maintenance

As professional nail technicians, we are in a SERVICE industry with the primary purpose of offering the best possible treatments and services. It is also a partnership with our clients. Once a client begins to see the results of your efforts, she will be proud of her strong, healthy nails. Most clients have never had their own nails grow and look beautiful, so they are very receptive to your recommendations on how to care for them between appointments. If they follow the very simple home care steps, not only will their nails stay beautiful; they will become lifelong, loyal clients and your best advertising.

We are also in the business of making money. Retail sales are a vital part of increasing your revenue. They’re also important in ensuring that your client doesn’t “undo” your good work between appointments. Don’t forget that your client has come to you looking for best nails possible. Homecare products play an important role in achieving this goal.

Make sure your client has JESSICA Homecare Products to extend the life of her Manicure and give maximum required results. And make sure she understands what each one does and how to apply it. 

  • Promoting Your Service – When starting your business of introducing the Jessica System into your menu of services, advertising and promoting your services is a necessity. Here are a few tips:
  1. Word of mouth will become your best advertising vehicle. Encourage your satisfied clients to send you their friends. You can even offer them a promotion—perhaps a free Nail Colour for every referred new client.
  2. Visit your neighboring shops and offer a free service to the salespeople, and they will be recommending your services to their own customers for a very long time.
  3. Call the local newspaper beauty editor and invite her to experience your new service of natural nail care. Free publicity will follow.
  4. Host a monthly promotion – offer free Nail Analysis Consultations. These are especially good for women who are thinking of giving up their artificial nails. If a client mentions a friend’s acrylics, suggest she send her friend in for a free Nail Analysis and the chance to learn how she can have even better nails the natural JESSICA way.


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