Identify Your Nail Type

Identify Your Nail Type

All nails are not alike! They have their own DNA, and their own specific strengths and weaknesses just like hair and skin. They are also greatly affected by outside influences such as nutrition, medication, and both work and recreational activities. It is impossible to treat all nails the same and keep them healthy, and that is why the foundation of the JESSICA System is its precision analysis, allowing you to customize your service to treat specific problems.

Take a Good Look at Your Nails:

1. Dry?

  • Lack of moisture
  • Ridges, white spots and powdery finish
  • Jessica Custom Solution: Rejuvenation

2. Brittle?

  • Hard, inflexible
  • May be curved
  • Breaks high on the nail
  • Jessica Custom Solution: Recovery, Bend Don't Break


3. Damaged?

  • Thin and weak
  • Lacking luster
  • Will not grow
  • Usually, occurs after acrylic nails
  • Jessica Custom Solution: Restoration


4. Normal?

  • Pink, strong, smooth
  • Flexible 
  • Resists breakage
  • Jessica Custom Solution: Reward, Endurance, Pure Maintenance, Bend Don't Break


5. Peeling?

  • Can affect all nail types
  • Nail peels in laywers
  • Nail should not be filed
  • Jessica Custom Solution: Fusion, Critical Care

6. Weak? 

  • Soft, weak, lifeless,
  • Just won't grow
  • Jessica Custom Solution: Critical Care, Life Jacket, Endurance, Liquid Strength


7. Break easily?

  • Thin and fragile
  • Splits and breaks
  • Jessica Custom Solution: Life Jacket, Bend Don't Break


8. Ridges?

  • Unsightly surface 
  • Not smooth
  • Ripples and ridges
  • Jessica Custom Solution: Flawless




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