A Quick Summary Of Jessica's System

A Quick Summary Of Jessica's System




As a young professional starting out, Jessica Vartoughian quickly recognized that the basic manicure taught in schools would not meet the needs of her clients: clients weren’t all the same, they had different nail types and different needs. So she began to develop her own system of Natural Nail Care that would safely and effectively grow healthy nails.

The success of her service and encouragement of her satisfied customers convinced Jessica to open the very first “nails only” salon in the world, The Jessica Nail Clinic now located on the famous Sunset Boulevard. It was there that she began developing her own products, designed to treat the specific nail types and conditions of her clients. It wasn’t long before The New York Times crowned her “First Lady of Nails.”

Today, Jessica is founder and CEO of JESSICA Cosmetics International, Inc., a multimillion dollar global corporation. Her world-renowned JESSICA Nail Clinic remains the salon of choice for many of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, not only because the JESSICA System is so pampering and relaxing, but also because it sets the standard for professional nail care. JESSICA Nail Care is so distinctive and special; there is a signature quality to it. With JESSICA Advanced Training and JESSICA products, you can add your signature to Jessica’s own.

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