At-Home Treatment For Dry Nails

 At-Home Treatment For Dry Nails

Following a JESSICA manicure, the client should allow 4-6 hours before putting hands in water (if possible)


Phenomen Oil - Massage into the cuticles before bedtime.  Nourish - Massage into the cuticles and fingers.

Hand & Body Moisturizing Emulsion - Use generously for hands, arms, feet and body.


The day after her JESSICA Treatment, your client should apply Top Priority under and over the nail, sealing  the edges.

3-4 DAYS

Your client should reapply Custom Colour and Brilliance every 3-4 days after her manicure to maintain and  maximize her treatment benefits.

7-14 DAYS

Professional JESSICA Treatment.

If she is unable to have a regular JESSICA Professional Manicure, you should recommend that the  client remove her polish with JESSICA Polish Remover, wash hands and nails, and dry thoroughly. Apply  REJUVENATION, Custom Colour, Top Priority and Brilliance as above.

NOTES: Remember to recommend the correct treatment schedule for your client. Never use a moisturizing  base coat on a nail that is peeling or flaking.




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