2 Quick Steps For Ageless Hands

2 Quick Steps For Ageless Hands

Discoloration, sunspots, dryness, and wrinkles can make your hands look years older, but by implementing these simple suggestions you can ward off any skins of aging. So what are you waiting for, start reading and be on the road to ageless hands? Hands are the only true sign of a woman’s age.

FREQUENCY: once a week

Step 1: Exfoliate

One of the reasons for aging hands is the excess build-up of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells prevent your healthy skin from absorbing cream that will nourish your skin, causing your skin to look like a weathered old piece of leather.

Gently rub a small amount of ENHANCE Collagen Exfoliator into tops of hands and palms. Rub hands together for 2-3 minutes to remove dry skin. Rinse with warm water. Renews and heals skin.

Step 2: Mask treatment

Apply QUENCH Revitalizing Collagen Gel Masque to tops of hands and palms. A mixture of anti-aging firming botanical complex and hydrating Marine Collagen and Aloe work together to tone the skin. Relax for 3-5minutes as it penetrates into the skin. Remove with a warm cloth towel.

After the mask, apply SILK Marine Collagen Gel to the back of the hand and stroke it up toward the wrist, gently gliding back and forth until absorbed into the skin. Squeeze each finger lightly, applying pressures over the joints in circular motions. To finish, stroke the palms from fingers to wrist.

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