3 Rules For Beautiful Hands

3 Rules For Beautiful Hands



We wash our hands countless times throughout the day, which can strip our skin of moisture and natural nutrients, leaving our hands dry and chapped. Sadly, dryness leads to wrinkles and fine lines.

Apply Hand & Body Moisturizing Emulsion every time we wash our hands. A rich, moisturizing formula that conditions skin and adds softness. It helps prevent pre-mature aging and loss of elasticity.



Our hands are exposed to the environment and absolutely everything we touch. How can we protect our hands from day-to-day wear and tear?

One of the best suggestions is to wear gloves when performing certain activities such as, gardening, driving our car, and cleaning our house and even when washing our dishes. This will avoid our hands from being exposed to damaging sunshine, harsh chemicals and environmental factors that could dry out our skin.

Don’t forget your nails

The skin around our nails and cuticles can become dry and chapped. Sadly, as we age our nails and cuticles become more fragile and weak because our body is producing less collagen, leaving our nails looking brittle and cracked.

The key lies in protecting your nails by avoiding biting your nails, since that can lead to torn skin and cause serious nail infections that can be unsightly. Make it part of your daily routine, apply Nourish and Phenomen Oil to your cuticles to restore them to their youthfulness.

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