Tips & Tricks To A Long Lasting Manicure

 Tips & Tricks To A Long Lasting Manicure

We soak the nails before filling allowing the nail to expand, preventing splitting and stress to the nail. We gently file in one direction.

We encase the entire nail in polish. We polish underneath the nail, on top of the nail and we seal the edges. We apply two coats of custom base coat,

  1. A base coat sticks to your natural nail and helps secure the colored polish you’ve picked.
  2. Nutrients like protein, vitamin E, and calcium in Jessica’s base polishes, prevent nails from breaking and splitting.
  3. Acting like a foundation or primer, base coats keep colored polish from directly touching your nails and turning them yellow.

After two coats of colour, we seal with a coat of top coat,

  1. A top coat seals polish to the nail, acting like a protector to shield your colored polish from chipping and giving you a longer-lasting manicure.
  2. Smooths out bumps and visible brush strokes for a professional-looking manicure.

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