Essential Steps For Nail Experts

Essential Steps For Nail Experts


Using your Salon Record Card

Every JESSICA Treatment and Consultation must begin with an in-depth Nail Analysis, one of the most important stages in a successful JESSICA Manicure. Because it’s such a vital step, it’s very important that you understand and practice your Hand and Nail Analysis and keep detailed notes about the recommendations and treatment plans for each of your clients on your Salon Record Cards.

Before beginning your Nail Analysis, evaluate the client’s nails. If this is a new client, you will fill out a Salon Record Card based on this Nail Analysis. If it’s a returning client, see if she has returned with her nails fully polished and in good condition or with her polish chipped and peeling. During the Nail Analysis, you can sanitize your client’s hands and nails and remove all traces of nail polish.


Always look at your client’s Salon Record Card to refresh your memory of the condition of her nails at her last appointment. You can also make notes on forthcoming events for both of you to work towards. This is also a good place to jot down reminders of subjects important to your client—perhaps she recently started a new job or is planning a holiday. These notes can help you put the client at ease.

We recommend you use a good quality source of light, such as a fluorescent daylight bulb. Holding your client’s hand, commence your Analysis, studying every nail and making full notes on your client’s Salon Record Card. Discuss your findings with your client.

Here are points to consider as your perform your Nail Analysis:

Nail Plate: Does the nail have natural luster? Are there ridges? Is there any curvature?

The Drag Test: Holding your client’s finger firmly, run your thumb pad down the nail bed and feel for ‘drag.’  A strong drag indicates dryness of the nail.

Flaking/Peeling: Look for signs of flaking and peeling of the nail.

Free Edge: Test the flexibility of the nails by pressing gently on the free edge.  Cuticle: Inspect the cuticles for signs of dryness, overgrowing and damage.  Hands: Check for dry skin, sun damage, loss of elasticity.

Ask, ask, ask . . .

In addition to your visual Analysis, ask your clients about their specific needs and problems as well as any areas of the client’s lifestyle that could affect her nails. (For instance, some hobbies such as swimming and gardening can affect the nails and skin.) Some key questions are:

  • Why have you come for a JESSICA Manicure today?
  • What do you feel you would most like to improve?
  • Do you do anything you think might be detrimental to your nails and hands—for instance, wash dishes or clean house without rubber gloves, pick things up with your nails, bite your nails, pick at your cuticles?
  • If your nails break, do they tear, flake or break deep down at the sides of your nails?
  • What do you typically do with your hands – what is your primary occupation?
  • How often are you prepared to come into the Salon to treat this problem?
  • Are you prepared to set aside a few minutes or so every other day to improve your hands and nails?

Talk it through...

  • Encourage her to voice any additional concerns she may have.
  • Tell her about the positive results that she will be achieving.
  • Remind her to treat her new nails with care, and not use them as tools.
  • Recommend the use of gloves for added protection when doing manual work.
  • Remember to keep accurate records for each of your clients to include recommendations, results, and home care regime.
  • Always make a note of your client’s favorite Colours!

The client card is your most valuable tool. It is the treatment history of your client and helps you to better monitor her progress. It’s important to review your findings with the client during the appointment; it shows that you care about her progress and that you take pride in your work.


Recommend products for your client to take home to correct and maintain her nails, writing the name of each product on the Prescription Pad. Talk through each part of your client’s home maintenance routine with her.

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