Jessica's Clinic

Jessica's Clinic




Steps away from the constant hustle and bustle of Sunset Boulevard, one finds an unexpected oasis of natural nail care and world-class service that cannot be found anywhere else in the world… literally!


Known as the “First Lady of Nails,” Jessica Vartoughian founded JESSICA Nail Clinic in 1969. Being the first nail salon of its kind then and now, JESSICA Nail Clinic remains the foremost center of natural nail care with its unique manicure technique and exceptional treatments created by Jessica.


Frequented by celebrities, as well as those who simply want lovely natural nails, the JESSICA Nail Clinic offers elite services that exceed the everyday manicure and pedicure.


Upon arriving, clients are cared for by trained technicians, known as “Nail Cultivists,” who have all been trained and certified in Jessica’s Nail Cultivation System® by Jessica herself. Before the manicure even begins, each Nail Cultivist analyzes the client’s nails and prescribes a precise regimen based on the condition of the nails, which is used throughout the manicure and pedicure.


JESSICA’s innovative nail care line – the first of its kind in the industry – repairs tiny tears and broken nails. Hands are snuggled into thermal mittens and feet into thermal pedicure booties to help dry skin absorb rich moisturizers.

A JESSICA Nail Care Machine gently smoothes cuticles and stimulates circulation to prepare them to be pushed back using a linen towel instead of harsh metal instruments. Hands, arms, and feet are so expertly massaged, the client turns into butter.


In addition to using JESSICA’s hand crèmes that soften hands, feet, and cuticles, the Nail Cultivist creates a smooth foundation for application of polish with JESSICA’s large assortment of customized base coats prescribed for the client’s nail type, then gorgeous shades are selected from JESSICA’s vast collection of custom nail colours.


JESSICA’s signature top coats protect a manicure for days while the line’s other unique products restore life to dry, damaged and problem nails. The result of all this pampering is naturally beautiful nails with no artificial additives. No tips or fills. No abrasive filing. This is JESSICA’s signature manicure and pedicure, which is like no other. All nails are not alike. Jessica’s unique natural nail philosophy is behind every product in her extensive range.

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