8 Gel Application Mistakes You'll Never Make Again

8 Gel Application Mistakes You'll Never Make Again


1. Problem: The nail is lifting from cuticle area.

Tech Tip: Make sure your cuticle work is done properly. Use file around cuticle area to remove all dead skin from the area and clean well.



2. Problem: The GELeration FINISH SOAK-Off Sealer is not curing.

Tech Tip: Make sure you follow the recommended cure times. The client’s hand must be in the proper position for complete curing. UV light and bulbs must be in a good working condition. All recommended cure times are based on using a 36-watt UV Lamp. If using a light with lower wattage, more time may be needed to cure. Be sure to wipe away tacky residue with GELeration CLARIFY Nail CLeanser and PRO TOUCH lint-free wipe.



3. Problem: The nail is lifting from free edge.

Tech Tip: Make sure you use the GELeration 100/180 File to shape free edge. Be sure that you are properly sealing edges of the natural nail with GELeration START Soak-Off Base, GELeration Soak-Off Gel Polish, and GELeration FINISH Soak-Off Sealer.

Tech Tip: Proper preparation and removal of all oils are key. Make sure application of GELeration START Soak-Off Base is thin. Your first application of GELeration SOAK-Off Gel Polish should be a thin even layer; some colours may appear sheer during first coat, do not reapply colour. Also, be sure the client’s hand is properly positioned in the PRO LED 30 Lamp or UV Light during the curing process.



4. Problem: You experience shrinkage of the GELeration Soak-Off GEL Polish.

Tech Tip: Make sure the GELeration START Soak-Off Base and your color applications are thin. Do not try to apply color in one application. Applying thick layer can cause the product to shrink.



5. Problem: GELeration Soak-Off Gel Polish is not adhering properly.

Tech Tip: To maximize adherence, remove excess liquid and shine by stroking the nail from base to free edge with the GELeration Pro Builder 9 Brush. Make sure you prepped the brush before using.



6. Problem: GELeration Soak-Off Gel Polish is not soaking off.

Tech Tip: Make sure that you file the clear surface of the sealer off completely. It is important that the nail plate is completely covered by the saturated cotton and pressure is applied when wrapping the nail in foil during the removal process.



7. Problem: Why do light colours yellow?

Tech Tip: GELeration Soak-Off Gel Polish is very sensitive and you need to adjust cure times. Light colours will yellow if they are overcured. For light and sheer shades, we recommend 20 seconds for curing when using the PRO LED 30 Lamp and 1 minute in a UV Light.



8. Problem: Product is thickening.

Tech Tip: Be sure to clean bottle necks and close tightly after each use. Make sure your products are stored away from UV light and/or sunlight. Keep away from extreme temperatures and from curing unit(s) while in use.

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