Purely Clean

A refreshing, concentrated hand and foot sanitizer that helps kill bacteria and prevents the spread of germs and infections. Contains Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Chamomile, Sage and Nettle extract, to help stimulate, soothe and moisturize. It also contains Triclosan, which helps prevent the spread of Staph and Strep infections. Spray onto your own and client’s hands before beginning a treatment. It should also be used as part of the Pedicure and for sanitizing equipment. It will not dehydrate the skin or nails.

Fiber Fix

This gentle adhesive is used to apply Fiber Paper for patches, repairs and natural nail transplants™ Fiber Fix is a safe effective fixative. Use with Fiber Paper.

Fiber Paper

Jessica Fiber Paper is a quality, resilient fiber used to reinforce broken, cracked or split nails.

Emery Boards

Incorrect grits can damage the nail if they are too rough or too smooth for the nail type. Jessica Emery Boards are available for Short and Peeling Nails, Dry and Damaged Nails, Normal and Brittle Nails. These files are a “must have” ‘for your clients’ use at home and are customized for each nail type.

Nail Care Machine

An essential for any Professional Manicurist/Pedicurist, this machine allows for fast, efficient, but extremely gentle work on the hands and feet. The vibration effect helps to stimulate the micro-circulation, and the supplied attachments each perform highly specialized tasks. The Cuticle Attachment will not cause damage to the nail matrix and is highly effective in pushing back and lifting the cuticles. The Nail Machine is supplied with 5 other attachments to assist in hard skin removal treatment of rough skin, calluses, and stubborn areas.

Thermal Hand Mittens and Thermal Pedicure Booties

JESSICA Thermal Mittens and Thermal Booties are used to apply deep heat to the hands and feet as part of the JESSICA Advanced Treatment System or Spa Pedicure. They help vital oils and creams penetrate into the skin and heels improve circulation. They are also a highly relaxing addition to your treatment, adding a further luxury dimension to your service.


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