How To Give The Perfect Massage In 5 Easy Steps

How To Give The Perfect Massage In 5 Easy Steps

A foot massage will help your client relax, relieve tension, and really enjoy the pedicure experience. She will also be likely to remember the pedicure as a treat she must repeat again, soon.

A total of 10-15 minutes should be spent on massage. Always remember to use the same steps. For maximum benefits, spend 5 minutes on each foot separately and 5 minutes on the feet together.



  1. Begin at the calf and work from bottom to top, using long strokes. Now start at the top of the calf and work down with long strokes.
  2. Get in between the toes and apply pressure, stroking your thumb in a downward direction. Return to the top of the toe, then work on to the next toe, massaging one toe at a time.
  3. At the ball and heel of the foot, make clockwise circles. If you know the technique, massage pressure points for the foot. Repeat each of the three steps.
  4. Rotate the ankle in large clockwise circles, then move it in counterclockwise circles. Push the foot toward the client and put it back to you.
  5. Wash each foot thoroughly for a smooth polish application.

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